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Meet Our Families

Who are our students and their families?

Depositphotos_1968588_mGifted and TalentedActress

Our gifted and talented students are the brightest of the bright.  Our curriculum allows them to challenge themselves and advance to higher learning including AP classes in high school and Dual Enrollment.  It is not uncommon for our students to advance two grade levels in one year and be eligible for college earlier than their peers.

Mother and daughter examining a flower using a magnifying glassStudents who Need Learning and Testing AccommodationsStudent with backpack

Our Educational Visionaries work one on one with students and their families to design a schedule and classwork that your child will succeed at.  Our staff are trained to help your child be successful in every area that they need.  We use a variety of modalities to enhance our curriculum including experience learning trips, where your child will be engaged and feel successful with their schoolwork.

Depositphotos_2654283_mEquestrians & Olympians

Our champions are the most elite athletes around the world who have demanding practice schedules.  They love being able to have their curriculum delivered in a setting that allows them a flexible schedule to be able to maximize their practice time.  We work with our equestrians and Olympians to provide them with the instructional time they need with the teachers to support them.

dom blockingAthletesLacrosse

Our athletes are the top in their sport.  Whether on the court or on the field our Educational Visionaries work with them to maximize their practice time and arrange for a schedule with teachers that work with their busy schedules.  They work at honing in the skills they need to compete against the best of the best while meeting their school schedule!