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Our admissions process differentiates us from traditional schools. Paolo Prep Academy admissions coordinators are committed to understanding your family’s unique educational needs and providing you with personal service as you progress through our admissions process. Prospective families enjoy individual attention from experienced admissions coordinators who answer their most important questions, provide guidance about each step of the process, and offer the best possible advice to ensure student success.

We understand the college prep student who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally, while keeping a flexible and self-paced schedule. We have an outstanding record of helping students enter the college of their choice and fulfill their academic and career ambitions. Our students’ SAT scores are above the national average, and 100% of our students go on to college.

Paolo Prep Academy offers rolling admissions options, which means that prospective students are not tied to a traditional academic calendar for enrollment purposes. Students may begin the admissions process at any time, and start taking courses immediately after successful admission to our school.

Paolo Prep Academy is unlike any school your child has ever attended. Your child is a brilliant innovator and when they enroll in our academy they will be treated as such. As soon as they arrive on our campus, they are matched with an Educational Visionary™. This EV will be with them for their entire career with us. The role of the EV is to guide, inspire, and work alongside your child to plan their future. The visionary will ask the innovator to perform several tasks to determine their learning style, multiple intelligence, and passions. The student’s curriculum is then created with their family and their visionary by their side.

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