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Pro’s and Con’s of Visiting the US and Attending School in the US for International Students

The article below is at the link is written in Portuguese and translated below in English.


Joselina Kings Many Brazilian students want to come to study in the US but are in doubt about the advantages and disadvantages of the visa. In the last edition, the AcheiUSA published an article on the toss of a Brazilian for scholarship that generated great interest and impact, more than 4000 tanned in the matter of the site and dozens of comments. How long can I stay? How much will I spend? What documentation is required? I must study all the time? You must possess a student visa to attend a school or can enter the country on a tourist visa? To answer these and other questions, immigration specialist lawyer Elora Andrade Ortego, spoke to USAHelp4U Portal, facing site to guide international students and the AcheiUSA reproduces the interview below. What is the difference between student visa and tourist visa? Elora Andrade: The tourist visa allows the alien to enter the United States with the intention of sightseeing; ie, traveling, shopping and sightseeing, participating attractions or simply visiting friends and family. Already a student visa, as its name implies, allows foreign study legally in the US. Like all types of visa, a student visa also has regulations that must be followed before the law while foreign stay in student status. To be issued, the alien must be enrolled in college or course that issue the I-20 form (essential document for obtaining a student visa). For this visa is maintained, the alien must then enrolled and attending the course following the norms of the same (eg maximum number of absences, minimum grades, among other rules imposed by the academic institution). The possible violation of the student visa can cause problems for maintenance of immigration status; therefore important to know exactly which rules to follow. What are the benefits that the student visa can offer abroad? EAO: The student visa offers the benefit to the foreigner to study legally in the United States during the period that it is enrolled and following the regulations of the visa and own academic institution. Another benefit is that the individual that is linked to student visa still has the possibility to bring your immediate family (spouse and children) linked to a visa dependent on a student visa.Dependents can stay in the US during the time of validity of the student visa. Always observing the law and the prescribed regulations, students can only work with a student visa in the university campus and also respecting some limits on working hours. Among other benefits arising from this because, in specific cases, the student has the possibility of obtaining social security number (social security number) and driver’s license. In some courses, the student has the right, after graduation, usually a work permit for a period of one year.     If the alien enter the US with a tourist visa and decide to change their status to student visa, which procedure? EAO: A change of immigration status needs to be made by the person concerned. In this case it is advisable to consult a foreign immigration attorney to know exactly what the procedure to be followed in view of their specific case. It is very important to check that the foreigner has all the requirements for the change of status so that it will not be denied.  This is a risky process? Immigration has long denied that exchange? EAO: Depending on the circumstances can be a risky process because the status change is denied, the alien begins to accrue unlawful presence in the US. The exchange itself does not present much risk, but other specific circumstances of each case may present risks. So it is important to consult an attorney who can evaluate the individuality of each case before the status change immigration.   If the foreign exchange visa tourism to student, their dependents, such as children and spouse can keep it in the US? EAO: spouse and minor children of the foreigner who holds a student visa (or will acquire through a change of immigration status) may remain with the main student in the US during the period he is studying.However, it is necessary that the same change in immigration status is made for each family member along with changing the principal (student).  If the foreigner, with tourist or student visa, get a job offer, what is the procedure to be followed? To be a big company? EAO: The procedure to be done is a change of status for a work permit. The hiring company does not necessarily have to be a large company; but rather need to prove the necessity of hiring that employee pay conditions and prove compatible with the position to be exercised.   If the foreigner, with tourist or student visa, solve start a business in the US. It can? The foreigner can manage your own business? EAO: With the tourist visa is possible to start a business in the US; But the founder / owner of the company can not, under any circumstances, work or services through it. In this case, it is suggested the change of immigration status to another type of visa.

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