Welcome to Paolo Prep Academy!  We are an Independent and fully accreditated K-12 Private School located in beautiful South Florida.

Paolo Prep Academy is an independent and accredited private school that provides rigorous academic curriculum while allowing students to pursue their passions.  Curriculum is taught through our academic standards adhered to and soaring above Core Curriculum and National Standards. These standards are coupled with an exemplary college preparatory program. Through a supportive environment, students excel not only in their academics but in their passion, as well as become leaders in their community.

We believe that providing a rigorous academic curriculum complemented with a college preparatory program for students in grades K-12 alongside experience learning in the passion they wish to pursue is the future of education.

Depositphotos_3294930_mMission Statement:
We believe that all students can learn. It is the school community who must set and maintain high academic standards and expectations for every child. It is the teacher’s role to serve as a facilitator in the classroom and to guide our students to become independent thinkers and learners. We embrace parents as our partners and welcome the sharing of collaborative ideas and ownership to enrich our school community. Our goal is that our students should be able to feel secure enough to share their ideas and to view themselves as a valid part of their school community. This sense of self and confidence will assure children their success throughout their life. When students see relevance, value and purpose of their learning, they develop a sense of ownership. We believe instruction should be done in a safe, magical, and fun way to engage students in experience learning through their passions. This gives them the desire to want to succeed in all of their endeavors and to serve mankind. This philosophy provides students with the foundations needed to become an educated and well-rounded participant of the community who appreciates the value of gratitude and service.

Motto: Building character, leadership, and service through Education driven with purpose and passion.

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